America’s Beverage of Moderation 1949 Ad – “Thanksgiving”


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Dimensions: approx. 10.5 X 13.5 inches

America’s Beverage of Moderation 1949 Ad – “Thanksgiving” In this home-loving land of ours…in this America of kindliness, of friendship. Of good-humored tolerance…perhaps no beverages are more at home on more occasions than good American beer and ale. THANKSGIVING DINNER print photo by Douglas Crockwell. Number 36 in a series “home Life America.” America’s Beverage of Moderation Sponsored by the United States Brewers Foundation… Chartered 1862. Ad on the back is a quarter-page black and white 5.2.5 x 13 in size for American Chain & Cable Company, Inc. When you use Weed- American, V Bar-Reinforced Tire Chains….you will know what tire chains can really do for you on a hard packed snow and ice…