United Aircraft Corporation 1950 Ad – The air is yours… use it…


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Dimensions: approx. 10.5 X 13.5 inches

United Aircraft Corporation 1950 Ad – “The air is yours… use it to see the world on a two- week vacation” United Aircraft Corporation East Hartford, Connecticut. Makers of Pratt & Whitney engines, Hamilton Standard propellers, Chance Vought Aircraft and the Sikorsky helicopters for the US Armed Forces and the Finest Airlines in the World. Ad on the back is a half- page black and white 5.25 x 13 in size for General Electric – Clothes are washed individually on a G-E. The ad shows a mother and her little boys in front of a big washer tub with the roller arm extended across the tub. Also on the page is a Comic Strip by Don Tobin. “George, a wonderful thing just happened today! We got a $130 refund on our income tax!