Scorpion Twin Jet Propelled F-89 1950 Photo


Dimensions: approx. 6.75 x 10 inches

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Dimensions: approx. 6/75 X 10 inches

This is a magazine photo that came from a 1942 magazine and features, Magazine photo of the Scorpion Twin Jet Propelled F-89. Scorpion, in fact, is the official nickname of the twin­jet-propelled F-89, now in production for the Air Force at the Northrop plant in Haw­thorne, California. The ‘up­swept tail-do” raises rudder and stabilizers well above jet exhausts and wake of wings. With a length and wingspan of about 50 feet, the Scorpion is slightly smaller hut heavier and incomparably faster and more deadly than Northrop’s Black Widow night fighter of World War II. The years mentioned are from the printed date of the photo. Photo may be from earlier years. Photo is set on a 6.75 x 10 page with some text from magazine. National Geographic photo.