Lisbon Antigua – Nelson Riddle 1954 Sheet Music


Dimensions: approx. 9 x 12 inches

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Dimensions: approx. 9 x 12 inches

Southern Music Publishing Company published this sheet music with lyrics by Harry Dupree and music by Raul Portela, J Galhardo and A. doVale. The cover features Nelson Riddle. Riddle’s own recordings from this period aimed for the same audience as Jackie Gleason, and other “mood music” artists, with titles like “Love Tide,” “Sea of Dreams,” and “Hey, Let Yourself Go.” His biggest hits, though, were lighter pieces. Riddle had a knack for making his point through understatement that eluded Gleason. The first, “Lisbon Antigua,” was brought to his attention by the sister of Nat “King” Cole’s manager, and came out at the height of the wave of European covers. Music, for piano, vocals and chords, covers three inside pages, and includes the Spanish lyrics to the song on the inside of the cover page. There are 3 hole-punches along the left edge that is present in photo.