Sparton Radio Ad 1947 – The Austins…


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Dimensions: approx. 10.5 X 13.5 inches

Sparton Radio Ad 1947 – “The Austin are taking a curtain call.” “Radios richest voice since 1926. Features include FM, Shortwave, Trouble free record changer record holder and handsome console. Model shown is the #10-BW-76-PA. By the Sparks-Withington Co. Jackson, Michigan. Ad on the back is a half-page black and white and red ad 5.5 x 13 in size for JOHNSON Sea Horse Motor Ad. Showing 7 pictures of boats with the Johnson motor in the water. “Famous and Dependability” by Johnson Motors, 100 Pershing Road, Waukegan, Illinois and Peterboro, Canada.