Statler Hotels 1952 Ad Harried Harry and Family


Dimensions: approx. 8×11 inches

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Dimensions: approx. 8 X 11 inches

Statler Hotels ran this paper advertisement that came from a 1952 magazine and features, A year by year rundown of the hotel’s life or chain was told in these ads. But the very life of any hotel is not what happens in the lobbies or dining rooms. Rather it is the experience of the countless guests who stay a night or two. Since the Statler is no longer open, nor does the Statler chain exist we find it no longer possible to pack our bags and stay a night at the Statler. But with the information of historical sources like this ad provide and a little bit of imagination we can picture ourselves in a time when a Statler stay was the highlight of any vacation or stay away from home. This ad offers Harried Harry, his family and the service offered during their stay. Fresh beds , cheerful service, children menus and balloons, baby sitter and a boxed lunch for their next day travels. Artwork is by Tony Barlow. Ad is dated on the page July 14, 1952.