Canada Dry Mixers 1948 & 1951 Ads – Set of Two


Dimensions: approx. 5×11 inches each

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Dimensions: approx. 5×11 iches each

This is a set of two magazine advertisements. One ad reads: ‘Try the worlds smartest, coolest drink- gin and tonic, made with Quinac CANADA DRY.’ – and is dated, July 23, 1951. The second ad reads: ‘World’s Most Popular Club Soda.’- and is dated June 7, 1948. This drink was priced at 15 cent plus deposit in 1948. These black and white prints are in excellent condition for framing. They measure 5″x11″ inches each and are original, vintage advertisements – not reproductions. They come uncut from the original pages that have the dates clearly printed on them. Ads include information that ” … 4/5ths of the average highball is mixer. (So why risk spoiling your drinks with an ordinary club soda?) … ” and ” …the secret of a GIN and Tonic … “