Kodak Camera 1949 Ad – Cine-Kodak – “Home movies”


Dimensions: approx. 8×11 inches

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Dimensions: approx. 8×11 inches

Eastman Kodak Company of Rochester, NY ran this paper advertisement, taken from a 1949 magazine, which features their Cine-Kodak Eight-25 Camera. Ad reads: … with a Cine-Kodak Camera thousands of families are shooting on a shoestring making marvelous movies with CINE-KODAK EIGHT-25 CAMERA. The camera itself is the lowest priced movie camera Kodak makes. And as for film cost, the Eight-25, like all Cine-Kodak Eight cameras, stretches a little film a long way. A single low-cost roll captures the high spots of a whole weekend. The ad is in very good condition; one small 1/8 inch tear, on the right edge, has been repaired with archival document tape and will not show if matted and framed.