Old Thompson Brand Blended Whiskey 1951 Ad – This Extra Step Means Extra Smoothness


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Dimensions: approx. 10.5 X 13.5 inches

Old Thompson Brand Blended Whiskey 1951 Ad – “This Extra Step Means Extra Smoothness” WED-IN –THE Wood is a time-honored Glenmore method the gives Old Thompson an extra smoothness, extra mellowness. Ad on the back is a quarter-page black and white 5.2.5 x 13 in size for Norwich Skivvies. “Was ever a Girl so popular” Showing a girl wearing a Skivvies top with men noticing her and reads, “Although made originally for Dad and big brother, young ladies in schools and colleges all over America are displaying SKIVVIES.” Norwich Knitting Company, Norwich New York.