Whitmans Samplers 1948 Ad The Ring


Dimensions: approx. 8×11 inches

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Dimensions: approx. 8 X 11 inches

Stephen F. Whitman & Sons Company of Philadelphia ran this paper advertisement that came from a 1948 magazine and features a Valentines ad with little cupid. The gift of a Whitman’s sampler has always been a welcomed gift for holidays and just for saying thank you or I Love you. In this ad it seems to be shared with an engagement ring. In the 1940’s during wartime while working hard to maintain high wartime morale, female employees at Whitman’s Candy Company secretly slipped notes to soldiers in boxes of Whitman’s Chocolate Samplers destined for military shipment. The notes resulted in several long-term friendships and even a few marriages. Ad is dated on the page May 24, 1848.