Comptometer 1948 Holiday Ad – Greetings Goteborg!


Dimensions: approx. 8×11 inches

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Dimensions: approx. 8×11 inches

Felt & Tarrant Manufacturing Company ran this paper advertisement that came from a 1948 magazine and features Comptometer calculators. Trained, efficient operators were to become the backbone of the Comptometer’s success. During the late 1890s, the growth in back office calculations threatened to overwhelm the economic boom then in progress. As the Colombian Exposition opened on the Chicago midway in 1893, Felt & Tarrant’s exhibit attracted throngs who marveled at a machine that boasted it could “perform all arithmatical problems”. While certainly true, the primary commercial value lie in its ability to perform high-speed addition and, with the introduction of the A-model in 1904, efficient, accurate multiplication, Felt soon realized that he would have to open his own schools, stock them with his machines and provide the quantity and quality of operators with the skills needed to run his Comptometers. Thus he created the partnership between operator and machine that would guarantee success over the coming decades. This is a holiday ad from 1948 for Felt & Tarrant.