F-84 Thunder Jet 1950


Dimensions: approx. 6.75 x 10 inches

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Dimensions: approx. 6/75 X 10 inches

This is a magazine photo that came from a 1950 magazine and features, Magazine photo of the F-84 Thunder Jet. Newborn Thunderjets Fuel Up at the Republic Plant on Long Island to Join Hundreds on Duty with Air Force Squadrons These F-84 jet fighters have a speed of more than 600 miles an hour, an 850-mile radius of action, and the ability to fly and fight above 45,000 feet. Like Republic’s World War II Thunderbolt, the Thunderjet doubles as a fighter-bomber and a high-altitude fighter. “You can hang everything on it,” Air Force men say, “extra fuel tanks, bombs, and rockets in all combinations.” One loading consists of four “Tiny Tim” rockets, each having the hitting power of a 155-mm. gun. The years mentioned are from the printed date of the photo. Photo may be from earlier years. Photo is set on a 6.75 x 10 page with some text from magazine. National Geographic Photo.