Willys Knight Sedan 1924 Car Ad – 50,000 Miles in a Knight


Dimensions: approx. 6.5×10 inches

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Dimensions: approx. 6.5×10 inches

This item is an interior magazine advertisement – an actual paper ad that was removed from a magazine and not a reproduction. Ad reads: …This big, luxurious Willys-Knight Sedan carries its secret of long life under the hood – with a whispering engine that literally improves with use – scotfree from valve-grinding and carbon-cleaning! Owners report 50,000 miles on the Willys-Knight sleeve-valve engine…
The back of this ad is another black and white ad with a Colt Revolver from Colt’s Patent Fire Arms Mfg. Co. Feel free to contact us at: contact@bambootrading.com for any information regarding this ad.