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Jeff & Dale Ocasio
d/b/a Bamboo Trading
PO Box 3544
N. Fort Myers, FL 33918


Who is Bamboo Trading?

Bamboo Trading is a family venture - we share a love for the beauty and usefulness of the fastest growing plant on earth and among the most primitive of grasses. We feel fortunate to have found a home, in southwest Florida, where our bamboo thrives.

Every morning the sun rises and emits its rays through the tall stalks. The magnificence of the bamboo and the need to cut it back created ideas (many ideas it's not difficult; it has been noted that there are more than 1,000 uses for bamboo).
Long, smooth, shapely stalks are cut into 24 foot lengths and hung between two eighty year old oak trees. After eight weeks, they are cut into various shorter lengths and hung under a covered walkway for about four to six months.

Turning the stalks into beautiful and useful staffs became a pastime of mine soon after we acquired the property. What was once a diversion to ease the everyday stresses of corporate America, has become a popular item at Florida renaissance festivals and local gift stores.

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Where did all of the bamboo come from?

Bambusa - a species of tropical and subtropical clumping bamboo - has become a very 'big' part of our family. We have a quarter of a century old stand on our property that reaches more than 50 feet high, right through an oak hammock. Harvesting this tightly clumped and entwined bamboo is relentless, but necessary for the surrounding trees.


All bamboo items are grown, crafted and signature engraved by myself. Each piece of work that I make is unique. Some of the items have stories created around them that relate to the character of the bamboo. The tales may or may not be true but our walking sticks are truly fine. Simply put - they are walking sticks nicely carved for you.

Best regards,
Jeff Ocasio


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